"I AM" and "I CAN"

Both are the strongest way to affirm yourself.

However, it is important what you follow your I AM with because that tells you who you think and believe you are.   Equally important what follows your I CAN because that tells you how confident you are in the ways you think and believe your capabilities are in finding the solution and being able to support yourself and how you behave brings about a solution or not.

Examples of this are if my inner voice says “I AM worthless” and I can never do this both are negative and sabotages any effort you put in, keeping you stuck in the past.  On the other side of the coin if my inner voice says “I AM STRONG” and “I CAN DO THIS” this affirms my way forward.

Both negative and positive affirmations nevertheless affirm beliefs – beliefs are how we motivate our self into positive or negative behaviours.


If you were to bring them both together, you may have one or two affirmation which are very strong telling you what you believe about yourself and how you act to cope, for example my core affirmation to myself are in times of distress or anxiety are:


“I feel the fear and do it anyway” followed by “I AM very capable and I CAN support myself through this right here right now.  Which leads to me behaving ‘as if’ I CAN and I DO.


To get here I have had to practice to believe in myself and in the beginning you do not have to believe in your affirmations or your capabilities you just need to act to maximise self-support.


One last note


“There is no ‘t’ in can"

“There is no “not” following I am"


Here and now I AM and I CAN

Look towards your personal mental wealth always


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