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  Key benefits of On-line and Telephone counselling support 

On-line counselling came into its own at the start of the Corona virus since it swept through the world, well like a virus threatening all of us to extinction.  At a time when we all needed more support in-person counselling sessions became dangerous for us all.


In response to the pandemic counsellors all over the world adapted to the needs of their clients and tried to offer them consistency in their support by jumping to the online modalities of counselling. 

Gradually the pandemic restrictions are reducing, and counsellors and supporters are returning to face-to-face meetings, and this is productive.

However, the pandemic has changed the face of accessing emotional and mental health support forever - On-line counselling exploded to meet the needs of clients and it is here to stay and can be as effective in its own unique way. 


Here are several benefits to working on-line with a counsellor:

The biggest benefit - to on-line counselling is of course social distancing as part and parcel of this modality of counselling, we’re not meeting a therapist in-person so there is no risk to catching any infection or viruses, and in this respect, it is completely safe.

Anonymity – That is, as a client you can access counselling via the telephone, text and Instant messaging and some counsellors offer email support (known as asynchronous communication).  This means that the counsellor does not know what you look like.  This is favourable to some people who wish to work through their difficulties and remain unseen, this can help the client to be more open, honest and to overcome difficulties with shyness, embarrassment, or shame, this helps the clients to be more open and honest and therefore heal difficult emotions. On-line counselling can also help build skills on the telephone or computer through practicing with the counsellor and these skills can b transferred into a work situation.  

Accessibility - is so much easier, you don’t need to stay in the area you live and can choose a counsellor from any area or country even.  This means you have a wider cohort of expertise to choose from, rather than those in travelling distance, which may not match up with your needs or difficulties.  For example if a client is disabled and has problems with mobility there is no reason to suffer alone, if you live in a rural, remote area or village, on-line support make seem in easy reach.  People who don’t have access to a vehicle or good public transport networks can benefit from working on-line with a counsellor who has a good working knowledge of your issues.

Convenient – We all lead busy full lives and online counselling is very convenient, it can be engaged when you travel you don’t have to be in the same town as your therapist, for example on a business trip or overnight stay.  You can maintain regular contact with your therapist so no missed session when you’re in the middle of a breakthrough in your work together.  There’s no traveling involved think about leaving work and travelling to your session in the rush hour, no going out in all weathers or being late to session because the bus didn’t turn up, losing you valuable 'me time'.  If access is through asynchronous communication models, then these can be sent at varying time, and you’re not tied to any particular time frame. This can support those clients who suffer with social anxieties and those who have difficulty with face to face communicating.

Privacy – No one needs to know you are engaging in therapy unless you choose to tell them, because you don’t need to leave your home, so you won’t bump into someone and feel the need to answer that awkward question “where are you going”. 

Videocall – Online video calls from platforms such as Zoom, or WhatsApp can offer you the best all round counselling support all of the above benefits whilst speaking with a therapist meeting in-person via a webcam.  This has proven to be very effective, accessible, convenient, and practical.  You may meet with a therapist during your lunch break or in the evenings, before you start work or at a time that is best for you. You are in your own surrounding whilst talking in your session and this has proven (in my sessions) to be more calming and can help the client to feel safe, secure and relaxed since they have control over their environment. 

Make contact today by email at or telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630. 

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