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Counselling per session £40


A session  is up to 60 minute's  

Individual Session                           £60

Student                                            £40

Volunteer                                         £40

Group session 3/4 members         £120

A session is 90 minute's 

Elegant Title

Fee's are payable before the session is due to commence via BACS for on-line sessions or in-person can be paid at the end of the session 

I can be contacted either by email at or
telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630.


  • Counselling is a powerful source and support for people who wish to develop personally I offer  personal development sessions for those who don't necessarily need or want a 'talking therapy' but wish to develop, strengthen their Self-esteem, grow in confidence in specific areas for example explore spirituality rather than religion or develop or strengthen emotional understanding and intelligence. 


  • Counselling support can be a journey for self-discovery and development.


  • It can also be a space to support building interpersonal and life skills i.e.

  • Building Emotional authenticity.

  • Resiliency.

  • Assertiveness

  • Budgeting

  • Time Management

  • Debt management



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