Individual Session           £35

Couple                               £60

Student:                            £35

Carers/volunteers           £35

Session duration  60 minute 


Individual Session                           £50

Student                                             £35

Volunteer                                          £35

Group session 3/4 members        £100

Session duration 90 minute

          I also offer

  • Individual personal development 

  • Psychoeducation workshops

  • Consultancy



  • Counselling is a powerful source and support for people who wish to develop personally I offer  personal development sessions for those who don't necessarily need or want a 'talking therapy' but wish to develop, strengthen their Self-esteem, grow in confidence in specific areas for example explore spirituality rather than religion or develop or strengthen emotional understanding and intelligence. 


Please get in touch if this is your need. 


Individuals session fee £40  reduced  for two or more people wanting the same development.


Counselling support can be a journey for self-discovery and development.


It can also be a space to support building interpersonal and life skills i.e.

  • Building Emotional authenticity.

  • Resiliency.

  • Assertiveness

  • Budgeting

  • Time Management

  • Debt management



Group fee depending on needs, requirement and size of group please contact to discuss further.


tel/text/WhatsApp 07867938630

Counselling changes lives  - Counselling is a commitment to self

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