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First Session

The first contact can be difficult for many people and you may have many question swirling round your mind. Is this right for me?  Will this person understand me?  Can they hold and work with my issues.  Are they qualified?  What experience do they have?  You may have many anxieties when you begin to consider your need to access support.


How to choose a counsellor who is 'right' for you may seem like a mind field.   This is natural and normal.  People have many concerns which bring them into counselling and indeed it takes courage to acknowledge and strength to seek support from another.  Especially someone you've not met before, yet the process is both rewarding and life enriching.


Please read my professional profile and Philosophy pages and my other information pages which may be accessed by the menu above.  This will offer you an overview of who I am, what I am about, how I work, along with the issues I am knowledgeable and experienced  working and supporting clients through.  Gaining as much knowledge as you can about a prospective counsellor will help you in your decision to  initiate contact.  

The process: - We agree a mutual time and day  the consultation is for both of us to equally assess and evaluate the establishment of the essence of an 'attunement' between us and the likelihood of a working alliance to ensure positive outcomes for you.  During the consultation I will ask questions to ascertain your needs and to ensure I can offer you the support you need.  I encourage you to ask as many questions as you wish to ensure you feel comfortable and we can work in partnership bringing about your chosen outcomes and meet your goals and needs. 

Once you feel comfortable and if you wish we can agree an number of session or agree open ended sessions with regular review to evaluate how the sessions are working for you -  my session fee will be £40 per session.

If you choose to engage me in the role of counsellor we will discuss when your sessions will take place day, length of sessions, amount of sessions you may need,  initially we may agree six sessions and review after four we will also agree our method of contact should we need or wish to cancel or change a session, we will agree we are both entering into a professional counselling relationship of our own free will, with the focus upon finding productive and positive outcomes for you as the client.  We will discuss and agree upon confidentiality and its limitations, fees and anything else we may wish to include.  Sessions may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs.

Some clients only need one session to off load or clarify their situation in their own mind or be heard or to or to explore their next step.  Once a person has felt supported and they are clear that their goals have been achieve they feel ready to move forward once again.  The amount of sessions each individual client will need is based on their individual needs, we can discuss the amount of session at our initial consultation and regular review.


All counsellors have limitations to their experience and knowledge and it is not realistic to think or believe every counsellor will be the best fit for you or what concerns you are presenting with.  If you don't feel comfortable enough for whatever reason or I don't feel I have enough experience or expertise to support you with your concerns I will offer you information on your next step. Which may be to refer you to a counselling colleague, agency or organization who I think may have a better fit for you and your issues so you gain the best possible support for your individual needs; and where you may expect to have your needs met.


 A referral to your family Doctor may also be considered.



We all have the right to gain the very best support for any of our worries or concerns so we can look toward to a peaceful future. 


Take the step today make contact to discuss your needs

I can be contacted either by email at or telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630. 

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