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There are many ways to enjoy socialising with alcohol and what better time then at a celebration like Christmas,  Easter or when on annual holidays,  when work is over for a couple of days or weeks the booze is abundant.  Christmas day is over and we’re into the full swing of the festivities food and drinks are flowing and we’re feeling happy with the time, some of us are all loved up relaxing with our families. But some may be even already feeling the effects of over indulgence, we tell ourselves “I can always get back to normal eating in a few days, "its Christmas after all” and the season is for enjoying of course and a few days of over eating may not have any ill effects from overconsuming food.

Alcohol may not have the same feel good factor and for some arguments, sniping at each other or even violence may have already entered the picture of the idealist Christmas happiness. 


On average one measure of alcohol can stay in your body for around an hour this is the time needed by your body to break one unit of alcohol down and this time can increase if your liver is not working properly compromised by illness or if taking medication at the same time.


So how do you drink responsibly at celebrations or any time of  year so everyone can enjoy the gathering?


  • Set realistic goals where drinking alcohol is concerned, be realistic don't say "I'm not going to drink at all", when the likelihood of that happening won't happen, its more productive to say "I'm going to drink no more than 4 pints" or "I'm going to have 3 glasses of wine" and then stick to it.  Have a pre-set amount and then stop when you get there and drink non-alcoholic or soft drinks in between or thereafter when you have reached the limit you set yourself.

  • Don’t go on a binge solely to get drunk just because its ‘Christmas’

  • Alternate alcohol with a soft drink.

  • Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach, make a point of associating alcohol with food eat something whilst drinking alcohol.

  • Drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink, its far better for your body and you will remain hydrated a major issue when consuming a lot of alcohol.

  • Drink slowly, sip your alcoholic beverage take time to appreciate its aroma, its taste and texture.

  • Take care with unfamiliar drinks such as punches they can be laced with hard spirits you may not be used to drinking.

  • Avoid mixing drinks this can heighten the affects if you are not used to certain beverages.

  • Pace your intake of alcohol don’t have double measures, drink one measure at a time and drink slowly don’t just drink it down like it’s the last drop of liquid you are going to get in the next hour!

  • Let your glass become empty and stay empty for a little time before refilling it. have two glasses at your side on kept full of water.

  • Have plenty of snacks around if mealtimes are over such as cheese, meats and nuts which are substantial foods to parallel the alcohol intake.

  • Alcohol reduces your inhibitions so if you are out and about and drunk you may engage in behaviour you may regret tomorrow for example you may indulge in unprotected sex, you may stagger in front of a moving vehicle or fall down stairs thinking you are superman or wonder woman thinking it won't happen to me.  Wrong it can happen to anyone including you.

  • Add a mixer to any spirits you may drink and add ice to make the them into a longer cool and lasting drink.

  • Or chose a smaller glass which may offer the illusion that you are drinking a lot but in actuality you are consuming a smaller amount of alcohol. Drinking at home measures are usually at least tremble a measured unit you would purchase in a pub!

  • If you are taking prescription drugs check the information sheet that came with them alcohol may affect their benefits this may be by reducing their helpful properties or heightening the affects be careful where drugs are concerned.

  • If you are a user of recreational drugs go extra careful of your alcohol intake this may be very dangerous to your system.

  • Know how to say “no I’ve had enough thank you” and respect when another says no thank you, they are enjoying sensibly!

  • NEVER drink and drive one glass of alcohol is one to many if you are driving anywhere even if you are only going round to your local shops DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!


And the morning after!


  • Alcohol is a diuretic which means it stripes your body of important fluids, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals so drink lots of water to rehydrate your body.

  • Painkillers may help with headaches or muscle cramps due to dehydration but avoid aspirin as this may agitate your stomach and increase the nausea or vomiting. Always speak with the pharmacist to ensure safe usage of paracetamol or other over the counter drugs on top of alcohol consumption.

  • Indigestion or heartburn medication may help if this is an issue, once again check with the pharmacist if you need to take something for acid reflux after drinking excessive alcohol.

  • You may also have a problem with diarrhoea so once again ask my motto is ‘if in doubt check it out’

  • If you are trembling, then sugary foods may help.

  • A thin vegetable soup may help replace the vitamins and minerals lost and may help your stomach ‘juices’ return to normal.

  • Eat plain foods which are easy for your body to digest.

It is a myth the ‘hair of the dog’ helps .... however drinking more alcohol may take the edge off your hangover it does not aid rehydration of the body and it may be harmful, the recommendations are not to drink until at least 48 hours have passed after a drinking binge.   Alcohol contains many impurities and your body needs time to break them down and dispel them from its tissues and organs before they can regain equilibrium.  Drinking more on top of a heavy session may damage your body and sometime permanently.


So think before you drink!


If you are a heavy long term drinker or experiencing symptoms of fever, nausea, diarrhoea, confusion, stupor, sleepiness, fatigue and shaking uncontrollably, hearing voices or seeing people, disorientated or heavily sweating, chest pains, rapid heart beats or palpitations then you will need to be seen by a medical professional as a matter of urgency.


IF in doubt check your symptoms out with a medical professional to ensure you are actually 'just' experiencing the effects of alcohol withdrawal and nothing more serious since 'severe withdrawal' from alcohol known as DT’s can in rare cases lead to death …


Be a safe user of  alcohol and enjoy don't destroy


And if you don’t really know about alcohol affects and what is a safe unit measure then the following websites may be helpful for your future safety where alcohol is a concern!


If you do have a problem with alcohol i.e. binge drinking or drinking everyday and still high functioning  and wish to change or you are suffering because of someone else's drinking please consider contacting me for support.



Please feel free to contact me until 8pm if I am with someone I will get back to you as soon as possible and within 24 hours including weekends.

Unlike our New Year resolution to trim our waist line sometime in the future, we can’t take back those hurtful words once said or that bruise from a punch thrown at our loved one or even worse as for some domestic violence can be a major concern over the holidays as many consumers excuse themselves by saying….  it wasn’t really me it was because I’ve drunk to much” , "its only the drink talking" or "I've drunk more than I thought",  "its Christmas it for enjoying", "stop nagging, its Christmas" and I'm sure you can add your own!


As an adult you are responsible for ALL of your behaviour at every step of the way whether you’ve been drinking alcohol or its Christmastime or you want to enjoy yourself  remember so do your children, your loved ones equally.


Alcohol can be a source of enjoyment or a curse depending on how you use it!

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