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If you are feeling down or blue, out of sorts or just plain ole fed-up it may be that you are out of balance in some area of your life.  Whilst we can consider ourselves to be a 'whole' person Humans are multi-faceted Beings which means as a Human Being there are many sides and depths to us which need fulfilling if we are to feel content, happy and balanced as a person who lives a fulfilled life.   

As the illustration below suggests there are multiple areas to consider to getting the balance right for you personally to feel contented and happy.

After all is that not what life is about?

If one of the areas is skewed or misshapen then we may feel out of sorts or not our Self.  For example, if you are not getting enough restful sleeping or giving your Self the right balance of nutrient over a period of time our physical body may feel lethargic, tired or even fatigued. If our behaviour is not how we would wish it to be in relation to others for example if you explode with frustration or anger at the slightest evocation or you are not mixing with others socially or the opposite never having alone time, then you may wish to re-think how you are caring for your Self.

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"Self-care is extremely important.  Many of us put ourselves second to other in our life.  However, it is very important to take care of Self.  

Otherwise you may find you are unable to care in any real way for

others if you are diminished"



"If you always do what you have always done, you get  what you've always got".  Henry Ford


That's productive if you are Intune with yourself and all things are in harmony.  If you are out of balance feeling under the weather, then you may need to do something different!


So when we talk about Self-Care what do we mean?


Self-care is the way you look after yourself, it is for you and you alone, you initiate it personally and carry out the tasks needed to fulfill care of, to and for yourself.   This may seem an obvious answer and of course it is, yet how many times in your daily living do you think about you?  Just you?  How many times in your day do you consciously stop and ask yourself how am I?  Am I OK?  Or ask yourself what do I need right here right now?  As you do your spouse, partner, children, friends, colleagues and even your pets?   


Do you leave any changing health for example until another day to visit the doctor or not go until you are desperately ill and can no longer manage your daily tasks?


Self-care means taking the time to identify exactly what you need to remain in balance before you get knocked off your feet.  It means to think of yourself as an equal and to think of yourself as you do others. Self-care means actually taking the time for yourself to provide what you need when you need it without putting it off till later or tomorrow since tomorrow never comes!  In a nutshell Self-care means how you choose to take care of yourself in a healthy way which maximizes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Why is Self-care important? 


This answer is also simple!  If you don't look after your Self you cant look after anyone else either not in a productive way or a manner which really nurtures them if you are tired, hungry, ill, feeling isolated or emotionally overwhelmed for example. When you care for Self you avoid burn-out and you handle your stressors productively, you manage any frustrations, anger or overwhelming situations fluently to the betterment of all including your Self. 


You have higher and longer tolerance levels and your confidence and self-esteem are built and centered in your Self which means others can't knock you off your center.  You will gain a zest for living vibrantly and feel more contentment more of the time, you will feel lighter able to laugh and enjoy silliness and fun. As such you don't become overwhelmed no matter what life throws at you, you bounce back more readily and in a shorter time scale.   You feel happier, nurtured, are balanced, productive and continually motivated to keep caring for Self equally, and you spring back from stressors more easily and readily with little effort.  You feel safe, trusting, have a sense of purpose and meaning and you feel happy to be in your own skin.


When you care for your Self others reap the benefits to because you have room to be able to safely put yourself to one side for a time whilst you attended to others needs, your personal needs fulfilled because you care for Self as needed along the path of your living.  Taking care of Self allows you to be genuine, authentic and offer help and support which nurture them too.  This makes for a peaceful and loving life for all concerned.


What do you need to change anything to enable you to  care for yourself more healthily?


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