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Caring for yourself after a loved one completed suicide

Your loved one completed suicide it is painful, overwhelming and sorrowful the unthinkable has happened nothing can change this fact. You can however control how you meet your distress and grief.


  • Be prepared for any of the affects listed here.

  • Take care of your basic needs i.e. get enough  sleep, if you can't sleep take regular rest breaks where you sit in quietness and/or with eyes closed to relax and  eat small amounts regularly to keep energy levels balanced.

  • Practice healthy coping skills, i.e. slow deliberate breathing to the count of 5 deep breaths in and 5 breathe out this will support your mind to stay calm and relax your body.

  • Keep in touch with other family, friends and colleagues, even when you just can't be bothered others may lighten your load even just for a few minutes respite.

  • Self-care look out for yourself and nurture your inner child.

  • Seek support from counselling  if you need to this is caring and nurturing for Self.

  • Give yourself all the time you need, there is no right or wrong way to grieve, no time limits, no hurry.

  • Grieve in your own way don’t listen to others if they tell you what to do, how to be or to move on if you are not ready.

  • Develop a new routine and stick to it, adding structure to your day will offer a sense of normality and a sense of being contained and help you manage your grief.

  • Be prepared for painful memories and reminders to be triggered.

  • Give yourself a healthy treat at least one a day.

  • Expect mixed emotions that change frequently throughout your day.

  • Offer yourself patience, love and self-compassion.

  • Expect this to be a long road and take one step at a time, don’t rush yourself.

  • Express your emotions try drawing, painting, doodling, writing your feeling out, dance them out, walk and swim.

  • Undertake some gently exercise daily go for a walk in the fresh air.

  • Allow yourself to have some fun let in smiles and laugh its good for your Inner Self and a good belly laugh can feel good and reduce stress.

  • Don’t compare yourself to other relatives even if they are your children or parent  we all grieve differently and you will have had unique relationship with your loved on as will the others who are grieving.

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