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Sometimes people experience passing suicidal ideas or thoughts such as ˜life's not worth living", "they'd be better off without me";  "I can't go on" or "I want to join him/her" after the death of a loved one.
Such thoughts and feeling are 'normal' when experiencing traumatic or difficult life events, illness or bereaved of someone we love. These thoughts are short-lived and fleeting and can be made sense of, worked with and explored within the space and time of counselling sessions. 

"Healing is a process which takes time, Be gentle with your self Be kind"

Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

If you are feeling unsafe with your thoughts or feel you may act upon them please use the following contacts

Phone Samaritans 24-hour support service on


08457 90 90 90


Phone NHS on 111

You do not need to suffer alone.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

David Richo

"Think Possibilities Not Probabilities"

Its Ok not to be OK this will pass

Overwhelming Thoughts


Sometimes such thoughts and feelings become overwhelming and become the main focus of waking behaviour these suicidal thoughts are more than fleeting they are intrusive and constant, take your attention away from your daily activities and you may sense a wish or desire to act upon them; the reason may be to escape

the thoughts and sensing's themselves. 


 Because you may be feeling defeated, trapped and feel there is no way through what is troubling you at this time, you may feel you are a burden, disconnected from your loved one's or think they would be better off without you.  You may have many many thoughts which don't make sense right now and you don't know what to do.


These thoughts are illogical, whilst they may be making sense to you inside as the thinker know they are illogical and support is only one word away! 


Test the water, collect the evidence for your thoughts!  Pass your thoughts by someone else and test if they agree with you!


If you are experiencing such constant thoughts of suicide or feel like you will act upon the way you feel or think then counselling will not be the best place for you at this time.   Please see Confidentiality

If you do feel overwhelmed, feeling depressed, anxious or grieving or find yourself making plans on how you might end your life or self-harming to the point you are on the edge of ending your own life, then you will be in crisis. 


This is what you need to do.




BREATH and count to ten slowly and bring your attention back to your breathing; focus on the air filling your lungs.   FOCUS on your 'in' breath and then your 'out' breath.  Calm the movement of your chest, make the air move slowly.  FOCUS on the warm air as it comes into your body, focus on your lungs expansion, focus on the movement of your chest and the warmth as you BREATH the warm air out, COUNT slowly 1-5 as you breath continue focusing on your breath until you are able to SPEAK to another person and tell them what your thoughts are and how you are feeling in this moment.


Tell the nearest person to you what you are thinking and how you are feeling so you can enlist support from another so you are not left alone to struggle with intrusive thoughts or overwhelming feelings.


CONTACT please seek medical attention immediately by contacting your GP or go to the nearest A & E department who will be able to support your immediate needs.


You may also wish to contact Samaritans who will be able to support you whilst you connect to another person who will focus on your immediate needs and strive to understand and just having someone there supporting and listening to you may make all the difference.

What most people want is out of the pain, the fog, the confusion and the situation they are facing in the here and now; they want the pain to end rather than life but can't find a way through at this point in time.  Yet there is always a way through your pain and anguish; there are many possibilities you may not be able to see them right here, right now, they do exist, they are just out of sight!






Many people who have reached this point do come through what is troubling them with support and a listening ear and do not regret not completing suicide.  At the time they couldn't find a way through the difficulties they were facing and experiencing.


Once they sought support however and after an adjustment phase they recognised although it was a dark, lonely or empty place to be sat in; following treatment and support they were able to tolerate and give themselves permission to allow the negativity to pass.  Find new meaning to their life in time and are able to perceive life is worth living after all.  In and through time a different perspective can be found and life can be so much more productive regardless of what brought them to this edge. 


ALL edges can be a starting point for understanding, insight and new meaning. 


Contact someone today do not go it alone.


This website may help

All I am saying is give peace a chance.

Once your immediate crisis is managed and you feel more ready and able to explore what brought you to be sat on this particular edge. Counselling can support your explorations, emotional and psychological growth and development. Please consider contacting me for an initial assessment and we will discuss your needs in the here and now and towards a productive, resilient and manageable future.

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