To Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Written By Susan Stubbings


Gentle reminder


You survived the abuse and if you are reading this and you are some years in time from the abuse you suffered you may need to reflect upon that fact and know you've survived this far




What better payback  is there?

Please note: It is not necessary to face or relive the trauma you have experienced for you to heal unless this is something you choose to do for your personal healing journey. I would strongly recommend you don't do so alone and encourage you to gain support if that is your choice before you face your trauma.  


 When we have been traumatised we need something different in order to heal deeply, trauma is very isolating, fear inducing and in this case very secretive, which build shame and  guilt which becomes toxic , once the toxicity takes a hold its extremely difficult to shake off alone.  and we need the opposite of being alone to heal.  You can heal all the effects the trauma has left you with, without revisiting the original abuse.  Contact me to gain  professional, experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate caring support for you to regain your mental wealth.

The effects of childhood sexual abuse leaves untold damage, scares and confuses  the Child and if not resolved as you grow into an adult all these things leak out in our behaviour, our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, our decision making and our self-worth as a person.  All this leaves us even more confused and perhaps judging our self harshly. 


KNOW YOU  CAN HEAL, it won't be an easy journey but life isn't easy with all these affects

healing is worth any and all effort,  BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTHY, VALUABLE AND LOVEABLE.


You may be struggling with any of the affects listed below and more than likely a combination of them because you were traumatised by what happened to you and trauma leaves untold affects.  If you are now an adult who is  struggling with what happened to you as a Child or have been sexually assaulted as an adult and  feel you would like support to make sense of what happened.    


Please consider accessing support for yourself as you navigate your healing journey.  Contact me to begin making sense of the trauma you experienced and together we will find a way to calm your tsunami for you to swim back to your boat and row to your own individual shore to find and walk your  path of peace.


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Counselling changes lives  - Counselling is a commitment to self

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