"The curious paradox is, when I accept myself as I am, then I can change"- Carl Rogers


A very warm welcome to Pendulum of Peace Counselling Services. 

Hello I'm Sue (she/her), offering  you a professional, confidential,  counselling and  supervision service. 

Are you suffering mixed emotions? The pendulums in your mind moving fast, being dragged down into the undercurrents or catapulted from one extreme to the other without stopping or pausing for breath. Are you finding it difficult to catch hold of what's happening, here and now?


Finding someone to support you in times of confusion, difficulty, not feeling good enough, suffering with Mental and Emotional Health, can be daunting. 


It is important you engage a counsellor or supervisor who is professional.


This means, the supporter, has appropriate and professional qualifications, have built robust experience of supporting clients in general counselling. Have additional training and/or experience  to deliver therapy in specific areas of concern, for example, Trauma, Domestic Violence, Anxiety, Bereavement, Sexual matters or couples counselling.  


Also be a member of a professional association, i.e. UKCP. BABCP, BACP, COSCA, NCS or ACTO.  For example, I'm a member of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Reg.MBACP) the leading professional association of the counselling professions in the UK.

I work with young adults (18+) Older Adults, Organisations and EAPS, living and working within the United Kingdom.

Due to the on-going Covid 19 risks I am offering Telephone, Zoom and WhatsApp video calls.


Counselling            £40 per session 


Professionals           £60 per 90mins

Students                   £40 per 90 mins

Volunteers                 £40 per session


Consideration of the above "before" you engage with a counsellor, goes a long way to offer you safeguards.  Ensuring you receive safe, ethical, knowable and skilful support. and demonstrates to you as a person seeking support, the person in the role of counsellor has made a commitment, to be the best counsellor they can be to ensure you gain the most from your therapy. 

My focus is on you, by bringing together over 18 years experience supporting others facing Mental Health difficulties and emotional overwhelm. For example, major life changes, relationship difficulties, separation, divorce, phobias, social issues, time-management, work related stress. Or intense emotions i.e. low mood, guilt, shame, indecisions, or  people pleasing, which hold you back from a satisfying and resourceful living. 


You don't need to be alone when experiencing difficult life situations or emotional distress, together we can explore what brings you to therapy, decide on the most appropriate way forward and together find your path to peace.

email pendulumofpeace8@gmail.com, telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630


I will support you integrating my experience, awareness, skills and knowledge, I will help you feel better, gain understanding, find solutions if that is what you need.  Support you to find acceptance, offer a space where you can rest  and  heal from the unacceptable, before moving forward into accepting things that cannot be changed.

Respecting individuality and difference working with each persons unique valuing and belief systems, promoting a way of being which is meaningful to you and your sense of self,  all are welcome, YOU  will be welcomed .

   I can be contact : email pendulumofpeace8@gmail.com, telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630

The mission is to foster personal and professional growth and development.  

The principal aim is empowering you to regain and maintain balance in your mental and emotional worlds.


Supporting you to create informed choices and decisions for your overall well-being, creating connections, peace of mind and  resourceful living.


My philosophy is change is inevitable, therefore  to grow and develop we explore our thought processing how the way we think affect how we our feelings and in turn how we act. When we become more  aware of our thoughts which are often automatic we can change how we feel and  the actions we take.

The psychotherapy relationship is one that is based on trust and understanding, which is imperative for healing to take place. The nature of our relationship will be a collaborative one where you and I will work together to accomplish your goals.

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My philosophy is a person’s behaviour is separate to the person, the whole person is greater than the sum of their parts.  We all make mistakes, because to err is human, however we are not our mistakes, we can all grow, change and develop when we choose to do so.  


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You might be thrown off balance, can't find the middle ground, left feeling tied up in knots? Having heated arguments, or emotional breakdowns, not functioning as you want. Stuck in a rut or  fog? Have a sense of drowning in life's complex conundrums.  Sat in the same unhealthy repetitive or negative thought processors or you just don't know how you feel or what to think about what's happening to you here and now, left feeling disorientated. 

I will help and support you to untangle your thoughts, feelings, sensations and make sense of what's happening. 


I will offer you a grounded presence of safety, listen to you, hear you and give you time and attention within a empathic confidential environment.  Support you to untangle, understand and become more self-aware so you can take the action you choose, by shifting and mastering your emotions so they are not the master of you.  


Contact me today and end the isolation and aloneness, make the journey more bearable, productive and healing. 

email pendulumofpeace8@gmail.com, telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630

In addition to my core qualification CPCAB Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Therapeutic Counselling, I have extended training  and experience over the 18 years has been focused on supporting others heal from the impact of anxiety, trauma, bereavement and loss. 

Specialising by integrating  my experience and knowledge to offer you the tools to understand, manage, accept and heal from the impact of, for example: 

  • Anxiety disorders - social, health, generalised anxiety (GAD), panic

  • Trauma - traumatic experiences and the difficulties you are left with.

  • Complex Post Trauma Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) & Dissociations 

  • Historical childhood sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment influences

  • Bereavement, sudden death, murder, long-term illness, death by suicide

  • Difficult relationships, betrayals, breakdown of trust and domestic violence (DV) 

  • Health, understanding new diagnosis, the 'different' you and adapting to multiple losses and changes

  • Intrusive thoughts, cognitive distortions, skewed thinking and repetitive thoughts

My philosophy is a person’s own experiences have the most authority and meaning to their individualistic living, we are not what we  are told we are, we have our own perceptions on 'what happened' and that's the most important viewpoint.


I will listen to you, hear you, and believe you, sensitively, non-judgmentally with compassion and together we will creatively explore what hurts, what injured and wounded you, stop your mind running away with you, slowing the pendulums and explore together what you need to recover and heal your true way of being. 


Supporting from a foundation of  person-centred care, putting you at the centre of all we do to achieve your best outcome of your therapy.  Together we will explore your strengths, abilities and innate skills and what you need to develop post traumatic growth, with compassion, care and  commitment to you. 

Part of my week is spent helping and supporting families with multiple and complex emotional needs. Employed in a Children's Hospice' specialist trauma and bereavement counselling service.


Supporting families caring for a precious infant, child or young person experiencing life-limiting, life-shortening, health challenges. Including palliative care, end of life care (E.O.L), Neo-natal death, bereavement care and counselling.


A challenging role, at times feeling heartfelt sadness, at the same time, it is a place of privilege to support, share and be witness to families expression of love for each other, the care they give their loved one and a privilege to support and witness the bravery, courage, resilience and post traumatic growth of the human spirit.


Working  together we find a 'new normal' a place that can be accepted and  feels right to  the individual person.


Counselling is a life enriching process, and you will be enabling your healing, imagine being empowered, effective and competent in meeting challenges head on, in a way that enhances all your relationships and decision making. 

In the spirit of transparency, and to help you decide if I am a good match for you, I've created this extensive website, please delve  in and get a felt sense of how I work, what concerns I have expertise in, my qualification and experience.

Please use the above menu or scroll down for more information.   I trust you will find what you need here .

I can be contact : email pendulumofpeace8@gmail.com, telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630

Q & A - Please click on the carousel to expand - browse the about counselling commonly asked questions to read more about counselling values and ethics - or sit and relax for a few minutes and get lost in the landscapes 

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Why see a counsellor? - When you have family and friends? People who you are close to, whilst they want the best for you, have a natural tendency to tell you what to do, give advice or tell you what they'd do in your situation.  That can be helpful but .....

Seeking professional support is very different, its exploring with a trained professional who is impartial, objective and resourceful. I won't tell you what to do or offer you advice. Instead I will respect your autonomy because I believe you as a person in your own right, have the ability to be self-directing, with a little new know how.

I will be your port in the storm and together we will explore your lived experiences, look at what is upsetting you and find your next step, then the next and the one after that and .........


I work with young adults (18+) Older Adults, organisation and EAPS, living and working within the United Kingdom.

Due to the on-going Covid 19 risks I am offering Telephone, Zoom and WhatsApp video calls.


Counselling            £40 per session 


Professionals           £60 per 90mins

Students                   £40 per 90 mins

Volunteers                 £40 per session


Imagine changing direction, in a safe, non-judgmental environment, collaboratively we can explore, clarify, and untangle your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, at your pace to make sense of what is happening to you.

You may be distressed from past or present experiencing, your self-esteem and confidence may be at an all time low, you may feel stuck resisting change which you know is needed. I can support you to create  a new path. 

My philosophy is knowledge is power and together we will explore how the psyche organizes itself to protect itself from pain and overload, explore our biological, somatic and innate human givens. Through psychoeducation which means, understanding the 'how' and 'what' of what we carry around inside our head and how this impacts upon our body. The innate patterns which are played out over and over again until we get a hold of them and choose to explore and change them for our overall Mental and Physical health and well-being.

Together we can slow  your pendulums osculation, bring the extremes together, find  poise, balance and peace. 

Contact me and lets get you moving forward into a future of your personal creation and  towards your overall health and resourcefulness.

I believe it takes a lot of courage and strength  to reach out to someone who you don't know and never met.


 In doing so however you will find a process which is both rewarding and life enriching. 

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Email at pendulumofpeace8@gmail.com or telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630

Together creatively exploring with you ways to live your life more resourcefully, to enhance, maintain and, or regain sovereignty over your own living.  The only agenda I have is yours, caring for you, gently, kindly whilst moving you forward into a more balanced and peaceful living. Creatively exploring what you need to live with more intuitiveness and assertiveness, creating more spontaneity and conscious decision making. 


Imagine being able to say what you truly feel and not be judge, criticised or told what to do.

There's something innately satisfying  about sharing with someone who values, cares, and understands you 

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If you feel we are a good match to support your healing, please contact me on the details below. 

Email at pendulumofpeace8@gmail.com or telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630

Imagine not being alone with your difficulties, stress or confusion.


Life, at its best, is a flowing, changing process in which nothing is fixed.

Carl Rogers

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