Based in Doncaster, an experienced Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor,  Professional Supervisor, Accredited Bereavement Counsellor and psychoeducation  group facilitator.  Registered member of British Association of Counselling and  Psychotherapy Reg.MBACP.


' Pendulum Of Peace' is the creation of Susan Stubbings and I offer a confidential, professional service which is Integrative, trauma informed, compassionate and caring.  


Whether you are suffering from anxieties, bereavement or relationship difficulties,

whatever your concerns or worries are  I am here to support you from the age of  18 to 108. 

If you are a  person suffering directly or  a person suffering because of a loved ones difficulties I am here

for you.  I offer face-to-face or telephone counselling and counselling  supervision. 


Please contact me if you feel I can help.


I also want to reach as many people as I can through this website, I offer a lot of information about topics which may be impacting upon your mental health or wellbeing.  You may be a person who is interested in learning or a professional looking for guidance, my intention is to be of help and support.   My awareness and insight are bore from my own  life experiences whilst not always positive, I have turned them around and those experiences now offer me a rich source of knowledge,  understanding and dynamics of relating along with  what it means to be a Human …. Being.   Backed up by studying, qualifications and the privilege of supporting many others, gaining a width and breath of professional experience.

The information on this website is intended to offer you pondering, raise awareness and stimulate conversations -  It  really is good to talk!  

What this information is not is a replacing of medical opinion or diagnosis of any kind .

Anyone concerned about their health please contact your GP.   


Discussion and feedback are welcome about anything on this website. 

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Don't rest on your laurels  question everything that's how we grow!

With the pressures of this modern world relationships offers us the most challenges in our living, whether that be a relationship with another person, in relation to objects, a situation, a desire, a wish or within the relationship we have with our Self.  The paradox is it is also relationship which offers healing from life's complex conundrums IF the right conditions are present and within relationship where there is positive attunment between people. 

I understand 'one size doesn't fit all'; my work is informed from  a number of psychological schools of thought.  I work from a compassionate Person-centred foundation merging several theories, as an experienced practitioner I offer an integrative style of therapy; which means I will combine and utilise principles, skills and knowledge from several specific therapies tailored to support each individual person's needs. Exploring ways with clients to empower, create connections, peace of mind and inner buoyancy! Aiding  living  more resourcefully, maintain, enhance and/or regain sovereignty of  their life.

The first step to solving any problem is recognising and acknowledging there is one!  I offer a confidential supportive service where clients may be facilitated to become aware of, acknowledge and work through or towards acceptance of any concerns which may affect and/or interfere with satisfying living.  I respect people have many concerns which bring them into seeking counselling support and indeed it takes courage to acknowledge and strength to seek support from another.

We cannot unknown what we know, once we've seen, heard experienced something negative or positive, the negative has a lasting uncomfortable if not painful impact upon us and some research has suggested it is imprinted so ingrained especially if in childhood  trauma (Walker, 2013) can and does affect us for the rest of our life.  Exploring,  gaining new awareness and insight compels us to do something different supports healing and growth. Contact me today if you would like someone to walk with you for a while. 


  • Counselling supports  emotional well-being by providing  a safe non-judgemental dedicated time and space.

  • Supports you to  explore, clarify, work through any concerns,  building on your innate strengths and resources.

  • Help you uncover and discover hidden strengths, talents, insight and understand yourself better.

  • Help you to make sense of, resolve or find a way to cope and go forward with complicated feelings.

  • Support in recognising and understanding any unhelpful thinking patterns and to change them if you want to do so.

  • Helps  identify any unhelpful behaviours holding you back and help to identify ways to change  them if you wish to. 

  • Provide  tools so you can resolve any  difficulties independently and beyond counselling.

  • Provide support to  strengthening decision making and the choices needed to be confident and proactive if want to be.

  • Counselling can also be a space to develop emotional skills referred to as 'emotional intelligence' if this is your desire.


The better we understand our self and in relation to others is important to experiencing a calm, peaceful and contented life, where we can handle all life throws at us.   Counselling can help you identify and achieve your goals and offers you freedom to explore, reflect upon, ponder and clarify at your pace your thoughts, feelings and actions in a safe place.


Counselling is a commitment to yourself  and your well-being.


You can view my professional portfolio of my journey, experience, qualifications and knowledge within the field of support please feel free to ask to see it at your initial consultation. 


If you are going through a difficult time, wish to clarify or wish to develop-self and you feel you would like support please make an initial connection either by email or telephone.  Please use the email  and phone number; if you prefer text or WhatsApp then please feel comfortable to do so leaving your name and contact number and I will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an initial assessment.  

  Together we can take a look at how to create your inner peace! 


Together we can slow that pendulum of pain and create the peace you seek.


Tel/text/WhatsApp 07867938630

Counselling changes lives

Counselling is a commitment to self

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