Based in Doncaster, an experienced Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor,  Professional Supervisor, Accredited Bereavement Counsellor and Psychoeducation  Group Facilitator. 

Registered member of British Association of Counselling and  Psychotherapy Reg.MBACP.


 18 years experience of counselling including  supporting individuals, couples and groups 

I offer Telephone, On-Line Counselling & Supervision Support 

After lockdown face-to-face sessions 

I can support you through a variety of difficulties      e.g. loneliness, low self-esteem, depression, phobia, addictions, develop resiliency, assertiveness, healthy

relationships, mindfulness skills or self-awareness, a range of losses including

 pet bereavement  

I have a special interest and breadth of experience supporting and working with people who suffer trauma whether brought into being through death of a precious loved one, bereaved by suicide, homicide, disease or accidents.  Experiences which resulted in disability and many losses, life-shortening or life-limiting illness, divorce and relationship break-ups. People who are created victims of crime and serious crime e.g. personal attacks and those suffering with the impact and aftermath of historical childhood sexual abuse. People recovering from abusive or  violent relationships or anyone witnessing traumatic events.  Those trying to manage and understand anxiety 

disorders such as


I work with adults from the age of 18 up to retirement and beyond into the golden years.   Experience of working with clients across all age ranges, from age 7 up to 90+ Fully committed to offering a service which is welcoming, compassionate & supportive.

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Key benefits of On-line and Telephone counselling support 

  • Clarify your concern about your problems and difficulties

  • Generate solutions to your problems

  • Help you gain a new perspective

  • Support you to make any changes you wish to bring about

  • Save time and money travelling to see a counsellor

  • Greater accessibility and convenience  to find a counsellor who is the best fit for you

  • More choice of counsellors experienced in supporting healing from your experiences 

  • Empowering you to seek support out of the area, community you live within

  • Feel less alone with your thoughts, feelings around your concerns

  • Share the burden that strong emotions can bring

  • Gain new skills to create motivation 

  • A tool box of tools to empower you to gain and maintain motivation 


      Key benefits of counselling

  • Support for your mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual health and well-being

  • Being listened to whilst also being heard

  • Creates a safe space, where you can just be you

  • A safe space to express any and all emotions to aid healing

  • Builds a new, different experience of relating and relationship

  • Being fully accepted as you are here and now

  • Is non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential

  • Provides a dedicated time and space to clarify, explore and find healthier outcomes

  • Clarifies your innate strengths and resources you perhaps don’t recognise you have

  • Empowers you to make full use of your fullest inner potential

  • Supports you to find a new perspective on past and present concerns

  • Empowers more understanding and awareness of unhealthy behavioral patterns

  • Clarifies your concerns and difficulties at your pace 

  • Raises awareness so decisions are built around an informed choice

  • Understand and understanding 

  • Less alone with your problems and concerns

  • Gain freedom from past hurt and pain

  • Reduces stress

  • You'll feel better following engaging in counselling


This list is not inclusive  there are so many benefits from engaging in counselling

Counselling is a commitment to yourself  and your well-being.

Together we can take a look at how to create your inner peace! 


Together we can slow that pendulum of pain and create the peace you seek.





Ask me about my qualification, you can view my professional portfolio of my journey, experience, qualifications and knowledge within the field of support please feel free to ask to see it at your initial consultation. 


If you are going through a difficult time, wish to clarify or wish to develop-self and you feel you would like support please make an initial connection either by email or telephone.  Please use the email  and phone number; if you prefer text or WhatsApp then please feel comfortable to do so leaving your name and contact number and I will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an initial assessment.  


tel/text/WhatsApp 07867938630

Counselling changes lives  - Counselling is a commitment to self

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