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"The curious paradox is, when I accept myself as I am, then I can change"- Carl Rogers


A very warm welcome to Pendulum of Peace Counselling Services. 

Hello I'm Sue (she/her), offering you a professional, confidential,  counselling and  supervision service. 

Are you suffering mixed emotions? The pendulums in your mind moving fast, being dragged down into the undercurrents or catapulted from one extreme to the other without stopping or pausing for breath. Are you finding it difficult to catch hold of what's happening, here and now?


Finding someone to support you in times of confusion, difficulty, not feeling good enough, suffering with Mental and Emotional Health, can be daunting. 


It is important you engage a counsellor or supervisor who is professional.

The mission is to foster personal and professional growth and development.  

The principal aim is empowering you to regain and maintain balance in your mental and emotional worlds.


Supporting you to create informed choices and decisions for your overall well-being, creating connections, peace of mind and  resourceful living.

My focus is on you, by bringing together over 18 years experience supporting others facing Mental Health difficulties and emotional overwhelm. For example, major life changes, relationship difficulties, separation, divorce, phobias, social issues, time-management, work related stress. Or intense emotions i.e. low mood, guilt, shame, indecisions, or  people pleasing, which hold you back from a satisfying and resourceful living. 


You don't need to be alone when experiencing difficult life situations or emotional distress, together we can explore what brings you to therapy, decide on the most appropriate way forward and together find your path to peace.

email, telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630


I will support you integrating my experience, awareness, skills and knowledge, I will help you feel better, gain understanding, find solutions if that is what you need.  Support you to find acceptance, offer a space where you can rest  and  heal from the unacceptable, before moving forward into accepting things that cannot be changed.

Respecting individuality and difference working with each persons unique valuing and belief systems, promoting a way of being which is meaningful to you and your sense of self,  all are welcome, YOU  will be welcomed .

   I can be contacted: by email, telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630


I work with young adults (18+) Older Adults, Organisations and EAPS, living and working within the United Kingdom.

I offer Telephone, Zoom, WhatsApp video calls and in-person sessions.


Counselling            £40 per session 


Professionals           £60 per 90mins

Students                   £40 per 90 mins

Volunteers                 £40 per session


Please use the menu or the page links for more information.

I can be contacted by: email, telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630

Q & A - Please click on the carousel to expand - browse the about counselling commonly asked questions to read more about counselling values and ethics - or sit and relax for a few minutes and get lost in the landscapes 

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If you feel we are a good match to support your healing, please contact me on the details below. 

Email at or telephone, text or WhatsApp message on 07867938630

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Life, at its best, is a flowing, changing process in which nothing is fixed.

Carl Rogers

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