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A very warm welcome

At Pendulum of Peace support you will find a warm, compassionate presence from a  Humanistic-Integrative practitioner, who believes you are an individual with unique abilities.  Focused on supporting you overcome what brought you into counselling, what concerns you, and created difficulty for you. I believe you can reach your fullest potential and see you as the expert on yourself.


My approach is forward moving with expertise and focused on relational qualities, individual needs, self-discovery, personal responsibility, personal choice and growth along with  autonomy and agency. 

As counsellor I'm an empathetic professional, caring for you,  like a lighthouse supporting  you through the stormy waters of life, providing you with time and attention for you to express your thoughts and feelings, explore, clarify and find solutions for anything you choose to ponder upon.  

My focus is on you

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, we can find it difficult to cope following a stressful or distressing situation. The daily pressures of living can create anxieties and we don't know how to manage our emotions or know what to do next for the best. This is where counselling with an experienced, professional and nurturing counsellor can make all the differences.

I’ve accrued over 20 years’ experience as a counselling practitioner supporting others experiencing common mental and emotional health difficulties and life’s complex conundrums.

Here and now along with this private practice I am employed in the role of lead counsellor at Bluebell Wood Children's hospice; and for the past 2 years I am the current counselling coordinator of the counselling services for adults and children.  Maintaining oversight of all counselling activities, referrals, allocations, facilitating, mentoring and supervision as part of a professional team. I have accumulated 7 years employed by Bluebell Wood as counsellor and several years before this as a volunteer counsellor and group facilitator. Part of my week is spent supporting families experiencing the toughest of times, caring for children and their families experiencing multiple and complex emotional needs, within a specialist trauma and bereavement counselling service, from diagnosis though palliative care and end of Life and through the distressing bereavement process. 

Over the years I've volunteered for several local charities working as practitioner at Doncaster Cruse Bereavement Care for 6 years, Doncaster Alcohol Services (DAS) for 7 years, Victim Support Serious Crime trained to support clients who have experienced sexual abuse and domestic violence and worked at a Children's Centre working with disadvantaged  families.   

Bringing together all my experience and knowledge to offer you the tools to understand, manage, accept and heal from the impact of, for example: 

  • Trauma - traumatic experiences and the difficulties you are left with.

  • Historical childhood sexual abuse - Complex Post Trauma Stress Disorder (C-PTSD).

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) for many childhood can be difficult and stressful. 

  • Difficult relationships, betrayals, breakdown of trust and healing from Domestic Violence and/or Narcissistic traits playing out in relationships.

  • Bereavement, by suicide, sudden death, death of a precious Child, Spouse, Sibling and palliative care, and the multitude of losses bereavement evokes.

  • Anxiety disorders - social, health, generalised anxiety (GAD), OCD. 

  • Intrusive thoughts, and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

  • Health, understanding new diagnosis, the 'different' you and adapting to multiple losses and multiple changes.

My focus is on you, I will support you, using my experience, awareness, skills, and knowledge, to enable you to feel better, from life's difficult experiences causing you concern in the here and now.  Together in collaboration we will work through your concerns and difficulties, at your pace and in your own time. 

Therapy with me


Is practical, realistic compassionate and very passionately human, meeting you where you are in life, your journey to healing and knowledgeable in the way of emotional intelligence.  From a relational perspective, I offer you a grounded presence of safety, listen and hear you, offering time and attention within an empathetic, and confidential environment. A space to support you to untangle, understand and discover aspects of yourself that perhaps you haven’t noticed and put to good use before. This will lead to you making informed choices and taking mindful actions, whilst shifting and mastering your emotions, so they are not the master of you. My focus is on you, I will support you, using my experience, awareness, skills, and knowledge, to enable you to feel better. Collaboratively work though any negative  emotional patterns or unresolved past traumas which may be holding you back here and now, discovering who you are and who you want to be, where you want to be in the future.


Key benefits of Counselling​

  • Support for your mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual health and well-being

  • Being listened to whilst also being heard

  • Creates a safe space, where you can just be you

  • A safe space to express any and all emotions to aid healing

  • Builds a new, different experience of relating and relationship

  • Being fully accepted as you are here and now

  • Is non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential

  • Provides a dedicated time and space to clarify, explore and find healthier outcomes

  • Clarifies your innate strengths and resources you perhaps don’t recognise you have

  • Re-empowers you to make full use of your fullest inner potential

  • Supports you to find a new perspective on past and present concerns

  • Empowers more understanding and awareness of unhealthy behavioral patterns

  • Clarifies your concerns and difficulties at your pace 

  • Raises awareness so decisions are built around an informed choice

  • Understand and understanding 

  • Less alone with your problems and concerns

  • Gain freedom from past hurt and pain

  • Reduces stress by gaining understanding and how to support your nervous systems.

Its good to talk and be validated, have someone who's not in your social circle to witness what happened to you and to be really listened to and heard, perhaps for the first time.

If you're struggling in your here and now living  it really is good to talk, you don't need

to go through this journey alone. 


Contact me here and let your life journey really begin   


Contact me and we will see how far we can go!


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