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Privacy Statement

Please Note


This information is relevant to anyone who uses the services of Pendulum of Peace which includes first contact with this website.


Who or what is Pendulum of Peace?

  • Pendulum of Peace is an Integrative Talking Therapy

  • Susan Jean Stubbings is the sole trader

  • You may contact me via email or telephone 07867938630


This privacy notice informs you and sets out what personal data Pendulum of Peace collects:


·         What legitimate purpose personal data is collected

·         How personal data is legitimately stored

·         How personal data is legitimately processed

·         When personal data is legitimately shared

·         How long your personal data is stored for

·         What your rights are under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


From 25 May 2018 the Data Protection laws changed, which means all organizations and business large, small and sole trader such as Pendulum of Peace will need to demonstrate they are complying with and acting to implement the new law. The EU General Data Protection Regulation referred to as GDPR -  enforces responsibilities on organizations who collect and process personal information and gives data subjects extra rights around how their data is used.


What is the new Data Protection law about?

  • The Data Protection Act - is in force to protect your personal data.

  • How does it affect you the service user of Pendulum of Peace Counselling Services?

  • Service users are referred to as ‘Data Subjects’ for the purpose of Data Protection.


What does the language mean?


  • Personal Data – Is any Data / personal information is information relating to an identified or identifiable person – in this instance the individual/s seeking any of the services which Pendulum of Peace offers, and you decide to use.

  • Data Subjects for the purpose of this statement are ‘client/s’, ‘customer/s’, 'supervises' ‘service user’, ‘enquirer’, ‘service seekers’ or ‘you’ and will be referred interchangeable throughout this notice.

  • Data Controller –  Susan Jean Stubbings is the sole trader of Pendulum of Peace and is the named person for both the Data Controller and the Data Processor who is responsible for the business Consultancy Services known as Pendulum of Peace.


Collected Data

  • Any information you give will be on a voluntary basis. 

  • If you choose not to provide personal information, it will be difficult for you to engage with the services Pendulum of Peace offers. 


Your Data Protection Rights:

You have a right:

  • To Access

  • To Rectify

  • To Erase

  • To Restrict processing

  • To object to processing


  • Please see the ICO website for a fully explanation of the above

  • Access to personal data will require 1 months’ notice in writing.



Professional considerations:


  • I am a registered member of and work within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) - Reg MBACP 187712 details can be found 

  • I attend regular professional supervision to promote and maintain ethical, safe, competent practice if material is presented first names are used for clarity of discussion, identifying details are not disclosed.

  • I keep very brief notes of our counselling sessions they are kept in a locked filling cabinet in a locked building and data is anomolised for protection.


  • Personal data is not shared with third parties

  • This does not include the limitations of confidentiality this has another law covering certain disclosure:




What we talk about in our sessions is kept confidential between you and me.   Confidentiality is a cornerstone of counselling it is put in place to protect the privacy and dignity of clients enabling freedom of expressing self in safety without fear of what you talk about being disclosed to others.  It is in place to offer you the client the control over what you chose to disclose. 


Confidentiality has some limitations.


What we talk about in our sessions is kept confidential between you and me.


 With the following exceptions


 Personal data will be legitimately shared with the appropriate third party:


  • If you disclose, you are at risk of significant harm to self e.g. suicidal intention

  • If you disclose putting others at risk e.g.  Harm to others, Safeguarding, Child protection, vulnerable adults, the elderly, acts of terrorism or the threat of, drug or human trafficking. 

  • If I am subpoenaed by a court of law, then I am legally bound to disclose the contents of the individual of concern notes. 

  • In the event of me becoming incapacitated and/or my demise.

  •  Anything which is deemed again the law of this land.  

  • In the event I am infected with the coronavirus or been notified, I have been in contact with anyone infected with coronavirus or anything which is deemed a public heath risk;  it will be necessary to break confidentiality and give who it may concern names and contact details of anyone I’ve been in contact with but not in the context of our connection e.g. I won’t say you are a client but will inform I have been in contact with you. 


It is very rare confidentiality is breached by any counsellor, however if any of the above was disclosed to myself as a practitioner I would discuss fully wherever possible any breach of confidentiality with you the client before I was to bring in a third person. 


In some situations, where a client is deemed to be too mentally ill to be empowered to make an informed choice for themselves I will be personally bound to disclose to another for the safety of that client without discussing beforehand. It is also against the law to give someone in breach of the law a 'heads up' that I am reporting so in cases of disclosure against the law I may not discuss with you that I am contacting the appropriate third party. 


Please note:  This website is built using the business known as Wix and they along with Google may use cookies and your data in ways which are out of my control. Please read their separate privacy notice to understand what information they may collect and how they use it. 

What personal information is collected by Pendulum of Peace?


On this website there is a contact form which collects the following data:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Telephone number

  • A message if you choose to send, please think carefully before you create a message and try to avoid personal sensitive data.  It will be enough to voluntary provide your first name and contact details and inform me you would like me to contact you with a view to using the services Pendulum of Peace offers on this initial form.  


How this information is used:


Initial inquiry the data will be used for the legitimate purpose to respond to your enquiry.  


If you choose to go forward and use the service offer of Pendulum of Peace, the above information will be held by electronic means and used legitimately to contact you by email or telephone.


How this information is held


This information will be kept in a local electronic folder and password protected on a password protected personal computer. If you decide to go forward and engage in consultancy sessions this data will be deleted from the electronic folded after 4 weeks.


Alternatively, you may choose not to complete the website contact form and phone directly, your phone number will be help electronically for the sole purpose of making contact with you.


This data will not be sold or passed to third parties.


If you choose to go forward and use the services Pendulum of Peace offers at your first face-to-face meeting you will be invited to complete a Personal Information form; this data will include:


  • Name

  • Address

  • D.O.B & age

  • Car registration if applicable

  • Telephone contact

  • Name, address, telephone number of next of Kin

  • Name and contact details of GP surgery

  • History of mental health

  • History of medication

  • Use of alcohol or recreational drugs

  • Details of past or recent self-harm

  • Any specific issues you wish to work with

  • Goals you have in mind for your support if known

  • How you heard about the service


Changes I will ask you to voluntary provide as the service is engaged in includes:


  1. if you change the car you use to engage in counselling you will notify the data controller who is identified as Susan Stubbings.

  2. Name, address or contact number for you, next of kin and GP


By sighing this form, you are consenting to:


  1.  You are entering into a counselling agreement with your own free will.

  2.  This information will be held under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018

  3.  You consent to your data being collected, processed and held for the legitimate purpose of providing and you receiving and engaging in the service offer of Pendulum of Peace as appropriate for the original legitimate purposes it was obtained.


If you choose to continue using Pendulum of Peace Counselling Services personal data will be collected in the form of clinical notes, this is in line with point '15' of the guidelines for 'Good Practice' of the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions known as British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) of which I am a registered member Reg. MBACP No187712


How this data is held:


All data is keep confidential and securely locked in a filling cabinet, in a locked building.


How this data is used


  1. These notes are brief and used solely for the legitimate purpose of assessment of, reflection upon and review of the therapeutic work undertaken and for the legitimate purposes as outlined above.

  2. I attend Counselling Supervision in line with point '60' of the guidelines for 'Good Practice' of the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions known as British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) of which I am a registered member Reg. MBACP No187712.  

  3. Personal information is anomolised in supervision first names are used for clarity of assessment, reflection, review and evaluation of my awareness, skill and knowledge. 


In the event of me becoming incapacitated or in the event of my death whilst active in private practice with clients or supervisees, I have a named person who is a very trusted counselling colleague and personal friend who upholds both the principles of GDPR and Confidentiality.


In the event: 


  • Of my incapacity and/or my demise

  • The named person will then be given access to the service users personal data for the legitimate purpose of contacting current clients and supervisees who are currently active in on-going support to inform them of such an event. 

  • The named person will have instructions to destroy all personal data held at the time of my incapacity or demise, the destruction will be of both past and present service users.  The personal data will be destroyed within the principles of both the GDPR and confidentiality.



  • Your personal data is collected voluntary from you.

  • None of your voluntary personal data will be passed to or shared with a third party other than the exemption as outlined in the confidential policy.

  • Collected data is used for the legitimate purpose of what it was originally obtained.

  • Personal data will only be shared with other professionals who uphold both Data Protection and Confidentiality laws for the purposes of safeguarding or in the event of my death. 

  • The prime purpose of data collection for Pendulum of Peace Consultancy Service is to provide the enquirer/user with the service offer.

  • Electronically held data is held for the minimum length of time

    • Computer is password protected

    • Computer has antivirus software for protection

    • Contact phone is password protected

  • I do not use marketing or advert campaigns

  • Hand-written notes are anonymised and kept secure in a locked filling cabinet in an alarmed and locked building

  • First names are used in supervision for the purpose of clarity, evaluation other data is anomolised

  • the minimum amount of personal data will be collected and only used for the legitimate purpose it was originally obtained for

  • Data will be held by these means for 7 years and confidentially destroyed

  • You have certain rights regarding your personal data please see ICO website for specific details

  • The above rights do not include the principle of confidentiality.

  • You have the right to assess, amend, alter or have deleted any personal data you have voluntary given at any point by giving 1 months’ notice

  • I have the right to hold information if the law requires it


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