Supervision - Care for the caretaker

Schools of thought

Supervision is an ethical requirement for all counselling practitioners who engage with clients.


I offer consultative supervision within a dedicate space for you to share and explore your work with clients.  The time and space focuses on supporting you as a practitioner and your development as a counselling practitioner; tailored to the skills and experience of each practitioner.  Whilst stretching and gently challenging  to enhance your skills, awareness and knowledge.

I offer a compassionate and caring space to review, critically evaluate and reflect upon all dimensions of your work; your professional development and to ensure you are not left to carry client issues alone.


Clinical Supervision is essential for  effective, safe and ethical counselling practice it is a working alliance which focuses upon the practitioners  counselling work. It exists to  protect clients and for the practitioner to share their work enabling transparency,  gaining a new or different perspective.  It is also a space for development,  understanding ethical decision making, working through ethical dilemmas and support. 


Working creatively within the Process Model of supervision postulated by Hawkins & Shohet; I am an experienced supporter of students, volunteers and professional colleagues in supervision since 2005.  My strength is understanding theory and how it relates to and plays out within relationships; theory is the underpinning of all counselling work adding structure, direction and motivation.


Supporting colleagues  working with  a myriad of client issues from effects of trauma, abuse, loss following death, loss of identity and a sense of  self and loss through ill health.  Supporting practitioners working with clients  experiencing domestic abuse, sexual violence, healing from Narcissistic relationships and childhood sexual abuse.  Supporting Practitioners involved in  palliative care, bereavement support, bereavement counselling and serious crime and all forms of trauma.