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Resolutions who needs them?

Updated: Jan 11

New Year new you? It doesn't really matter what day today is, be it the start of a New Year or month, week, a new day or even an afternoon or evening.

I've learnt not to make resolutions I know I won't keep. I make a promise to myself to be better to myself then I was yesterday?

Make here and now the first moment of the rest of this day

Draw a line under yesterday, make today, right here, 'now' the start of doing something different

Taking one step at a time to encourage yourself to take care of yourself.

What does this mean really?

Self-care is an umbrella term for anything we do that is solely for the good of our personal well-being and health.

Self care is important for many reasons for example:

  • Helps us to identify and meet our needs in all areas of our lives

  • Helps us to maintain our confidence and self-esteem

  • Allows us to use our resilience and maintain it

  • Allows us to make mindful choices

  • It keeps us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually well

Self-care isn't just about bubble baths, going for walks or eating healthily although it can be because all these are good for you.

Self-care might mean drinking less alcohol and drinking more water, eating less fatty or sweet foods and eating more fruit and veg, saving the alcohol and sweet treats for the weekend without binging I might add. It might look like visiting your GP when unwell, taking medication as directed and visiting the dentist when you have tooth pain and when you haven't to ensure you don't suffer, going swimming and taking a Reiki session or complementary healing activity. Preventing issues is just as important as dealing with issues when they arise.

I know ,,,, I really do know how hard it is to make any changes, its not impossible though and its making it possible for ourselves which is important here and now.

Ask yourself this "aren't I worth more than feeling tired, larthatgic and unhealthy"?

Self-care doesn't come easy to many people including me, its a constant need for conscious thought, I realise now that it is a daily kindness to help myself to become healthier in mind, body and soul.

I've also learnt I can't do it all at once, however enthusiastic we might start off, charging out of the starting blocks strong, in control and with direction to only have that direction soon weaken because we've made the changes to grand, to fast and charged into them full on. That we soon loose interest when we don't get the same instant results.

Slow and steady wins this race.

Perhaps the first step is to just wear the thought

"I can do this, one step at a time"

For a while to get used to the idea before charging into action head strong and giving up at the first hurdle.

Self-care is something we need to think about on a daily basis and put new things into practice one step at a time for lasting results.

If your struggling with your self-care give me a call or use the site form here and lets get talking about how you can care more for yourself starting here and now!

I offer a free half hour telephone or video call so you can meet me before our first session.  Contact me at or telephone, text, WhatsApp message on 07867938630 and lets connect and realise the possibilities and your potential. 

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