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Poem - Locked Inside

They call it mental health

But what’s healthy about

Feeling flat, frozen in time

Pulled apart from the inside


When your world comes

Bursting out inside your head

Your heart cleaved open,

The dreaded inner unclean, seen.


The scapegoat, the unworthy

Helpless, hopeless, dis-empowered

It’s rapid descent, grappling like

a triggered gun, get a grip and do it fast


Resounding cheap words , It’s not a black dog

It’s fire from the past

I close my eyes to shut it out

I’m locked inside, perishing, alive

Rapidly devouring the me that was

full on shaking, from head to foot

Erratic movement, out of base,

It won’t let me go,

It won't let me BE

This Draconian monstrosity

Nothing Healthy about this aqueduct

No drinking fountain, no viaduct

But I'm locked inside, with no way out?

There's a truth in my being

I can see it not.

With the rising tides of panic, I'm awash.

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