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Welcome to Supervision

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

I offer time and space dedicated to you and your work as a practitioner. I aim to create a safe place in which you feel held and grounded in your work, a space you feel free to explore and talk about your work.

My purpose is to enable you to be supported so you are not left alone to carry or struggle with the impact from clients narratives.

Our time together is a place for you to reflect, be empowered to stretch and challenge yourself and to evaluate and review all aspects of your counselling and client work. Collaboratively we will foster your professional development.

My experience is human beings are multi-minded and we have parts that are healthy, parts that need more nurturance and parts that are happy and content. The Self being the harmonising and organising central part and the sum of the whole Being.

We will work creatively to explore ideas outside the box as we investigate the relationship between our mind, body, and spiritual aspects of being human. For example, in your client relationship do you see a cat and mouse type of relating? Are you deeply rooted in your way of being or do your roots need some pruning or replanting in more nourishing soil. Are your doors open or closed or bolted shut tight? Or do you see two Merfolk sat contemplating together supported by a solid boulder, thoughts, feelings, ideas flowing together and between you, before swimming off into your respective streams?

The world of our imaginations is vast and only limited by itself, by exploring within supervision, new ideas and tools, you can transpose to your client work. Offering the client the very best of you as a practitioner, whereby they gain the most from your time together.

The pendulums of the mind often swing from one extreme to the other and our role as a counsellor is to bring those opposites together, integrate, calm and restore balance. Working with clients to support their awareness, skills and knowledge to take back power from their trauma, difficulties and that which offers them concerns. To create harmony, authentic control and contentment for their daily living.

Exploring all aspects of our work, supervision is a space for you to breath, take stock, hear and understand self and what you offer in your role as a practitioner. A space where you will be nourished, rooted yet encouraged to grow and develop, be inspired to learn. Our time together will also celebrate your achievements and gain affirmation for your work, something often forgotten in our busy schedules.

My work is informed by an Humanistic-Integrative theoretical mode, my foundation Rogerian, Maslow, Frankl and Arnold Lazarus Multimodal theories and supervision is also Integrative utilising in Hawkins & Shohet’s 7 eyed model, which helps us to explore all dimensions of our work. Mindful to the supervision functions and tasks of the Inskipp and Proctor's model the Normative, Formative and Restorative functions. Along with the Integrative Developmental Model (IDM) of Stoltenberg, which offers us understanding of the possible stages supervisee may travel through to being the best practitioner you can be.

Meeting you where you are in your work, when we first meet I often say to supervisees I believe there is no right or wrong way to counsel ….. there is only ethical v unethical, lawful v unlawful and competent and healthy ways to be in our work. Our focus in supervision will be on the fundamental ways which shape and inform our work as an ethical, lawful, and competent robust practitioner. A counsellor who makes a difference to the clients they serve.

My supervision experience is gained from 19 years supervising, Volunteers, CPCAB and Degree level students and professional counsellors; including those working within an emotionally charge environment e.g. carers, nurses, doctors, end of life practitioners.

I have designed, written and facilitate a 6 monthly Psychoeducation Bereavement program to help families negotiate the tough terrain that bereavement and loss brings, and professional workshops including self-care, vicarious trauma, anxiety awareness and management, building resiliency and raising awareness of relational dynamics. Designed a grief and suicidal map to help us negotiate with client who present bringing us the depth of despair.

My strengths sit in my compassionate intradependent way of Being, genuine openness, receptivity to change and curiosity, offering flexibility to work with and stay with the unknown. My creativity facilitates strategies, new perspectives and renewed energies, enhancing well-being and capabilities.

I own a competent knowledge of theories ranging from Humanistic, psychodynamic, Jungian, Cognitive and Behavioural, Existential, Logotherapy and Person-Centred. I work with the Inner Child and parts of self very successfully with trauma clients and those who have suffered Childhood Sexual Abuse or Domestic violence.

Demonstrated in an integrative style of support and how interpersonal dynamics are played out in relationships. Theory is one of the cornerstones and underpins all our counselling work along with ethics; bring responsibility, accountability, structure, and motivation. Passion and caring about the work we offer to others seeking alleviation of suffering.

I am interested in listening and hearing who you are as a counselling practitioner within a relationship where you will be received with equality and respect, valued as a person of worth.

If you feel we can build a therapeutic alliance please contact me telephone, text or WhatsApp 07867938630.

Please take a look at my webpages through the menu above to explore my awareness, skills & knowledge which informs our supervision

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